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Gold Market

Gold Market

Equivalence in fine gold grams per gold coin.

CountryDenominationGrs.Fine Gold
Albania100 Francos32,2629,03 grs
Albania20 Francos6,455,8 grs
Alemania20 Marcos7,967,16 grs
Alemania10 Marcos3,983,58 grs
Alemania5 Marcos1,991,72 grs
ArgentinaArgentino Pesos8,067,258 grs
Austria100 Chelines23,5221,17 grs
Austria25 Chelines5,895,29 grs
Austria-Hungria20 Coronas6,786,09 grs
Austria Hungria10 Coronas3,393,04 grs
Australia1 Libra Austral3,748,01 grs
Australia1 Soberano7,997,32 grs
Batavia10 Florines6,726,04 grs
BoliviaOnza 10 Escudos2522,5 grs
Bolivia1/2 onza 5 Escudos12,511,25 grs
BoliviaDoblon 2 Escudos54,5 grs
BoliviaEscudo2,52,25 grs
Brasil20 Milreis17,9516,45 grs
Brasil10 Milreis8,978,21 grs
Belgica20 Francos6,455,8 grs
Belgica10 Francos3,232,9 grs
Bulgaria100 Leva32,2629,03 grs
Bulgaria20 Leva6,455,8 grs
Bulgaria10 Leva3,232,9 grs
Canada20 Pesos33,4430,09 grs
Canada10 Pesos16,7215,04 grs
Canada5 Pesos8,367,52 grs
Canada2,54,183,76 grs
ColombiaDoble Condor Pesos 2032,2629,3 grs
ColombiaCondor Pesos 1016,1314,51 grs
ColombiaDoblon Pesos 58,067,25 grs
ColombiaEscudo Pesos 23,232,9 grs
ColombiaPeso1,611,45 grs
ColombiaColombianos Pesos 57,997,32 grs
Colombia10 Pesos15,9814,64 grs
Colombia5 Pesos7,997,32 grs
Colombia2 1/2 Pesos3,993,66 grs
Costa Rica20 Pesos 32,2629,03 grs
Costa Rica10 Pesos 16,1314,51 grs
Costa Rica5 Pesos 8,067,25 grs
Costa Rica2 Pesos 3,232,9 grs
Costa Rica1 Pesos 1,611,45 grs
Chile Condor Pesos 1015,2513,72 grs
ChileDoblon Pesos 57,636,86 grs
ChileEscudo Pesos 23,052,74 grs
ChilePeso1,531,37 grs
ChileChileno20,318,27 grs
Chile100 Pesos20,3418,3 grs
Chile50 Pesos10,179,15 grs
Chile40 Pesos8,137,32 grs
Chile20 Pesos4,073,66 grs
Chile 50 Pesos11,9810,98 grs
Chile Onza chilena27,0623,67 grs
Chile10 Pesos16,7215,04 grs
Dinamarca20 Coronas9,965,37 grs
Dinamarca10 Coronas4,484,03 grs
Ecuador1/2 onza 4 Escudos13,5311,84 grs
EcuadorDoblon 2 Escudos6,775,92 grs
EcuadorEscudo3,382,96 grs
EcuadorCondor 10 Sucres8,147,32 grs
Ecuador5 Sucres4,073,66 grs
Ecuador2 Sucres1,631,46 grs
EgiptoLibra Egipcia8,547,47 grs
Egipto50 Gurush4,273,77 grs
Egipto25 Gurush2,141,86 grs
España100 Pesetas32,2629,03 grs
España25 Pesetas8,067,25 grs
España20 Pesetas6,455,8 grs
España10 Pesetas3,232,9 grs
EspañaOnza Española27,0623,67 grs
EEUUDoble Aguila U$S 2033,4430,09 grs
EEUUAguila U$S 1016,7215,04 grs
EEUU1/2 Aguila U$S 58,367,52 grs
EEUU3 U$S 5,024,51 grs
EEUU1/4 Aguila 2 1/2 U$S 4,183,76 grs
EEUU1 U$S1,671,5 grs
FilipinasDoblon de Duros6,775,92 grs
FilipinasEscudo de 2 Duros3,382,96 grs
FilipinasEscudillo1,691,48 grs
finlandia20 Markas6,455,8 grs
Finlandia10 Markas3,232,9 grs
Francia20 Napoleones6,455,8 grs
Francia10 Napoleones3,232,9 grs
Grecia20 Dracmas6,455,8 grs
Guatemala 20 Pesos Quetzal32,2629,03 grs
Guatemala10 Pesos 16,1314,51 grs
Guatemala5 Pesos 8,067,25 grs
Guatemala2 Pesos 3,232,9 grs
Guatemala1 Pesos 1,611,45 grs
HolandaDoble Ducado6,996,86 grs
HolandaDucado3,493,43 grs
Holanda10 Florines6,726,04 grs
Holanda5 Florines3,363,02 grs
India FrancesaPagoda de 1/2 Luna3,412,72 grs
India FrancesaPagoda de Estrella3,42,4 grs
Indias HolandesasMohur15,6811,88 grs
Indias HolandesasRoepije15,2911,31 grs
Indias HolandesasHalve Mohur86,23 grs
India InglesaMohur 15 Rupias11,6610,69 grs
India Inglesa2/3 Mohur 10 Rupias7,787,12 grs
India Inglesa1/3 Mohur 5 Rupias3,893,56 grs
Inglaterra5 Soberanos39,9436,61 grs
Inglaterra2 Soberanos15,9814,64 grs
Inglaterra1 Soberano o Libra  grs
Inglaterra1/2 Soberano oLib.Est.3,993,66 grs
Kruggerrand 1/2 onza18,5516,97 grs
Kruggerrand 1 onza37,1033,93 grs
Italia100 Liras8,87,91 grs
Italia50 Liras4,43,95 grs
Italia20 Marengo6,455,8 grs
Italia10 Marengo3,232,9 grs
Japon20 Yen16,6715 grs
Japon10 Yen8,337,49 grs
Japon5 Yen4,113,69 grs
Libra antigua 8,057,32 grs
MarruecosMdrida o Doblon17,4516,14 grs
MarruecosButchi3,232,66 grs
Marruecos1/2 Butchi1,611,49 grs
Mejico20 Pesos33,8329,6 grs
Mejico10 Pesos16,9214,8 grs
Mejico5 Pesos8,467,4 grs
Mejico2,5 Pesos4,233,7 grs
Mejico1 Peso1,791,48 grs
Mejico50 Pesos41,6737,4 grs
PersiaToman 10 Kram3,232,9 grs
PersiaNim Toman 5 Kram1,611,45 grs
PersiaRecerk toman 2,5 k0,810,72 grs
Peru20 Soles32,2629,03 grs
Peru100 Soles16,1314,51 grs
Peru5 Soles8,077,25 grs
Peru2 Soles3,232,9 grs
Peru1 Sol1,611,45 grs
Peru50 Soles33,4630,09 grs
Peru10 Soles6,696,01 grs
Peru1 Libra7,997,32 grs
Peru1/2 Libra3,993,66 grs
Peru1/5 Libra1,61,46 grs
PortugalCorona 10 Milreis17,7416,25 grs
Portugal1/2 corona 5 Milreis8,878,12 grs
Portugal1/5 corona 2 Milreis3,553,25 grs
Portugal1/10 corona 1 Milreis1,771,62 grs
Polonia00 Zlotych18,7516,87 grs
Polonia50 Zlotych9,388,43 grs
Polonia25 Zlotych4,694,21 grs
rusia15 Rubios12,9121,61 grs
rusia10 Rubios8,67,74 grs
rusia7 1/2 Rubios6,455,8 grs
rusia5 Rubios4,33,87 grs
Sudafrica2 Rand7,997,32 grs
Suecia20 Coronas8,968,21 grs
Suecia10 Coronas4,484,1 grs
Suecia5 Coronas2,242,05 grs
Suiza100 Francos32,2629,56 grs
Suiza20 Marengo6,455,91 grs
Suiza10 Marengo3,232,95 grs
Tunez100 Rial Sebill19,517,87 grs
Tunez50 Rial Sebill9,758,93 grs
Tunez25 Rial Sebill4,884,46 grs
Tunez10 Rial Sebill1,951,75 grs
Turquia500 Piastre36,0833,07 grs
Turquia250 Piastre18,0416,53 grs
Turquia100 Piastre7,226,61 grs
Turquia50 Piastre3,613,3 grs
Turquia25 Piastre1,81,65 grs
Uruguay5 Pesos8,497,78 grs
Vaticano100 Libras8,87,92 grs
Venezuela100 Bolivares32,2629,03 grs
Venezuela25 Bolivares8,657,78 grs
Venezuela20 Bolivares6,455,8 grs
Venezuela10 Bolivares3,232,9 grs

Gold bars.Grams
5 onzas bars155.52
½ onza bars15.55
¼ onza bars7.58
Gold ValueGrams
Gold gram value0.00

Invest in Gold

Monedas y lingotes de Oro Why to invest in gold?
  • For Coverage to the Risk. The gold is historically a refuge before the variations of the market.
  • To achieve diversification in your portfolio, incorporating new assets.
  • For Profitability. The average of last 3 years ( 2004/2005/2006 ) the performance in increase was of 16. 40 % in dollars.
  • For Liquidity. The gold enjoys a wide market of purchase and sale worldwide.
What products can acquire related to the gold?
  • Metallic Gold. You can buy coins, bars or lingots across Pullman García Navarro and Cia. S.A.
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